Packaging Design
Signage Design
Interior Graphic Design 
Branding & Graphic Design: Yael Bodasher
Logo Design with Co-Designer Offir Markus
Additional Graphic Designer: Karin Melamed
Interior Design: Eti Dentes
Wood Elements: Omer Karni
Photography: Anatoly Michaello, Studio Bodasher
Shi-Shi is an Asian-urban-fun street food inspired by Japanese street culture and Far East iconography. However – it’s not "Authentic Japanese" or "Authentic Chinese." It’s A fusion. The brand's graphic identity and tone of voice are both follows the culinary action, performing sophisticated and entertaining "take-off" on familiar Asian symbols - making Shi-Shi A TelAvivian brand, that "speaks" his own language. The leading slogan – Tavi Li Shi-Shi” is Hebrew written in Latin Letters, but sounds like Chinese.
Asian Rolls & Bowls